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Comfort and well-being all throughout your trip

Tips for your trip

We take great care to ensure you travel under the best possible conditions. 

  • Choose layered and comfortable clothing.
  • Plan to arrive early at the airport, so you have enough time to reach the boarding area.
  • Drink often, but avoid carbonated beverages.
  • Walk around from time to time and try to do mini-exercises to stimulate your blood circulation.
  • Wear compression stockings to facilitate blood circulation.
  • Please remember to keep all medications in your hand baggage along with all other prescriptions from your doctor.
  • For travel across 3 or more time zones, adjust your sleep schedule by extending or shortening your nights several days before departure. Upon arrival, staying outdoors helps speed up the adjustment process. Avoid taking sleeping pills during your flight.

If you need or wear special medical equipment (pacemaker, prosthesis, medical treatment, etc.), you may be required to present relevant documentation (medical certificate, prescription in your name, etc.) to airport staff at security checkpoints.